Mitigation Design & Implementation

digger in pondJan Wilkinson is particularly experienced in designing and implementing mitigation schemes for protected species, including for great crested newts, reptiles and water voles. She has been the lead ecologist on a number of very large and complex schemes, including one where some 12,000 amphibians were relocated and the receptor site containing the new ponds has now been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a European Special Area of Conservation for its newt population.

She also has considerable experience of carrying out reptile translocations and other mitigation work, including several very large projects involving multiple protected species.

Jan also has the capability to implement mitigation schemes for other species, including Newt fencenatterjack toads, birds, water voles and badgers.  Where necessary, particularly on larger or more complex schemes, she can call upon the services of specialists to advise on mitigation measures for other protected species such as bats.

We are able to assist at every stage of the mitigation process from survey and assessment, through licence applications where necessary to the practical implementation of agreed measures.


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